A Year In Review

Hindsight isn't 20-20, it's 2016 with Harambe and Donald Trump as a president elect. Celebrity deaths blowing up your timeline so much you'd think these people went to high school with David Bowie. Honestly I don't get the hype of this year being so awful and I think a lot of folks are just finding an excuse to latch on to and whine about their problems. Which is fine too, I suppose. We're all fighting a hard battle, and while it's okay to vent, I feel like a lot of people are forgetting the most important thing: to be kind to one another and grateful for the ones that were there to help you through this "awful year." Because I guarantee you didn't come out the other side of 2016 alone.


So Happy New Years friends, strangers, and soon to be forgot acquaintances. Good luck, have fun, be kind, and please above all else never forget and be sure to remember: do not fucking bother me.


The only thing changing in 2017 is the date, not my recluse.




- N. 

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